Marina Bank, RN, FMCHC, Bioenergy Therapist

1. Registered Nurse 2. Functional Medicine Health Coach 3. Bioenergy Therapist

Marina Bank is a Registered Nurse in the state of New York as well as a Certified Health Coach in Functional Medicine. She addresses the whole child and helps identify the root cause of their dis-ease allowing her to pinpoint precisely what the child needs to restore their health.

Marina believes that knowing both worlds of conventional and functional medicine is a powerful combination, allowing her to be of better service to families. She is passionate about helping families stay accountable for the implementation of Dr. Gluzman’s prescribed healing plans. She is also incredibly effective at translating the detailed program recommendations from concept into reality.

She emphasizes the role of nutrition and provides parents with valuable resources in lifestyle medicine: including movement/exercise, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, social connections, and creativity.

Marina’s mission is to empower, support set achievable goals, and provide gentle accountability to families on their journey to health so that their child can live symptom-free.

When not working with patients you can find her playing music, singing, practicing yoga, practicing sound healing/energy work, and hiking with her teenage daughter.

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