Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with Dr. Nelli Gluzman to discuss how Blossom Pediatrics can help support your child in their journey to optimum health. Ask questions; explore ideas and options. During this call, we can devise a plan of action for your child’s particular health needs.

Meet Dr. Nelli Gluzman, founder of Blossom Pediatrics.

Dr. Gluzman is a holistic pediatrician dedicated to helping your child heal. She utilizes a personalized approach to integrative and functional medicine, allowing your child to live an illness free life.

Your child is your world…

As a parent, there is nothing you won’t do to protect and nurture your child…And that includes doing everything within your power to give them a lifetime of good health.

Enabling your child to become and remain fully healthy is our goal. For many kids, this entails more than an annual physical. Children who suffer from recurring illnesses deserve a cure…not a band-aid in the form of medications or restrictions.

At Blossom Pediatrics we do more than treating an illness; we discover the underlying cause. It is these ‘root causes’ that differ in each child. Symptoms are as varied as kids; that’s why we’ve listed some of the most common ones below.

Indications of chronic illness

• Decreased energy levels
• Decreased appetite
• Excessive hours spent sleeping
• A constant foggy feeling, often resulting in irritability or crankiness
• Difficulty in concentrating and remaining focused
• Frequent visits to urgent care, ER, your pediatrician, and to specialists
• Multiple sick days resulting in absences from school.  This carries the additional fear of falling behind academically which can result in being held back a grade.
• Frequent stops to school nurse for daily medications or
• Multiple medication management left to the child to deal with; this is a massive and often intimidating responsibility for any youngster
• Your child is afraid to eat lunch with classmates, is embarrassed because they are the only one who has to bring lunch from home, and has to question what is in the food at a party due to severe or often anaphylactic allergies
• Being unable to keep up with friends on the playground
• Being unable to participate in school activities and sports
• Days, weeks, perhaps months, spent in the hospital
• Feeling as if he/she is constantly being treated by family and school like “the sick kid”
• Your child’s tendency to be less than honest with you when feeling miserable but he/she doesn’t want to miss out on something or add to our worries.

Central to our healing process is a collaboration between parent and pediatrician to understand, manage, and eliminate the core issues. Together we become your child’s advocate and support team.

Utilizing this collaborative approach does more than treating the problem. It sets the entire family up for a healthier way of life for years to come. Things like a healing nutrition protocol, microbiome restoration, gut health optimization, custom formulated herbs and botanicals, improved sleep patterns, movement, connection, and mind-body connection all come into play – but on a highly specific basis for each child.

See For Yourself

  • 5 star review  Dr. Nelli is an outstanding pediatrician! Her passion for focusing on the root cause of the problem rather than the symptom is inspiring. We need more doctors like Dr. Nelli that have an unique individual approach that is compassionate and caring to each child. My family received such an such an incredible guidance on GAPS diet and care in general that i have recommend practice to number of my friends and will continue to do so! Dr. Nelli will make anyone feel welcome and can provide intelligent advice to almost any topic.

    thumb Marina Bank

    5 star review  It was a real pleasure interacting with Dr. Nelli. She has a great bed-side manner and most importantly she truly cares about her patients. Our son had terrible allergies and she found many ways to alleviate him. She is passionate about finding the real cure of your symptoms rather than only prescribing you. She was responsive, compassionate and available to our son's needs. I highly recommend her!

    thumb Ginger Blesso
  • 5 star review  Dr. Gluzman is an incredibly compassionate and effective physician. It really makes a world of difference when you finally find a doctor like this. I have an immense amount of respect and most importantly complete trust in her.

    thumb Jeremy Hansen

    5 star review  We had a meeting with Nelli to go over important things to know before we welcome our first baby into this world. It was so helpful. The information was amazing. Also she was so easy to talk and put me and my wife at ease. I highly recommend Nelli and Blossom pediatrics!!!!

    thumb Russell Donath
  • 5 star review  Dr Gluzman is incredible. She cares above and beyond and makes you feel like your in good hands. I am so grateful to have had her insight, support and health care, it was an amazing experience from start to finish. Thank you again and again, If ever i'm sick again, there is only doctor I want to see!

    thumb Lyora Pissarro

    5 star review  Dr. Gluzman has been incredible in helping us make decisions for our son since we began working with her when he was just three months old. She is kind, patient, a great listener, and beyond generous with her time and level of attention. We are grateful to have found her and look forward to many years of working with her.

    thumb VV Mavourak
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