The Medical Practice of Dr. Nelli Gluzman

Dr. Gluzman is a holistic pediatrician dedicated to helping children and families. Dr. Gluzman utilizes a personalized, integrative, functional approach to healing so your child can thrive.

Your child is your world…

As a parent, there is nothing you won’t do to protect and nurture your child…And that includes doing everything within your power to give them a lifetime of good health.

Enabling your child to become and remain fully healthy is our goal. For many kids this entails more than an annual physical. Children who suffer from recurring illnesses deserve a cure…not a band aid in the form of medications or restrictions.  

At Blossom Pediatrics we do more than treat an illness; we discover the underlying cause. It is these ‘root causes’ that differ in each child. Symptoms are as varied as kids; that’s why we’ve listed some of the most common ones below.

Indications of chronic illness

• Decreased energy levels
• Decreased appetite
• Excessive hours spent sleeping
• A constant foggy feeling, often resulting in irritability or crankiness
• Difficulty in concentrating and remaining focused
• Frequent visits to urgent care, ER, your pediatrician, and to specialists
• Multiple sick days resulting in absences from school.  This carries the additional fear of falling behind academically which can result in being held back a grade.
• Frequent stops to school nurse for daily medications or
• Multiple medication management left to the child to deal with; this is a massive and often intimidating responsibility for any youngster
• Your child is afraid to eat lunch with classmates, is embarrassed because they are the only one who has to bring lunch from home, and has to question what is in the food at a party due to severe or often anaphylactic allergies
• Being unable to keep up with friends on the playground
• Being unable to participate in school activities and sports
• Days, weeks, perhaps months, spent in the hospital
• Feeling as if he/she is constantly being treated by family and school like “the sick kid”
• Your child’s tendency to be less than honest with you when feeling miserable but he/she doesn’t want to miss out on something or add to our worries.

Central to our healing process is collaboration between parent and pediatrician to understand, manage, and eliminate the core issues. Together we become your child’s advocate and support team.

Utilizing this collaborative approach does more than treat the problem.  It sets the entire family up for a healthier way of life for years to come. Things like a balanced diet, improved sleep patterns, proper exercise, and relaxation techniques all come into play – but on a highly specific basis for each child.