What the GAPS Diet Is and What It Does?

Hippocrates famously penned the guiding light and oath for all in medicine – the Hippocratic Oath. He also wrote “All Disease Begins in the Gut.” 

Many illnesses stem from the gut; even when there are no digestive symptoms. This is due to a misaligned and/or misbalanced microbiome system – aka the medical term for ‘gut health’. A body that is not in balance beginning with its most basic of functions undergoes an internal war to utilize its natural defensive weapons such as a healthy immune system. A healthy fully functioning immune system is the first step in restoring health…and the first step in restoring a healthy active immune system is gut health.

When a child’s gut is healthy, it leads to a healthy, energetic, robust, joyful, clear-skinned, and happy lifestyle because the child feels good. Proper and balanced nutrition is the most effective and sustainable way to get there.  

Sound basic? Sure it does…but achieving it can be a long term process. This is due, at least in part, to genetic and environmental influences coupled with the physiological make-up of individuals. 

The GAPS(Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet provides a solution to the complex problem of rebalancing the blood chemistry and gut flora as the foundation for correcting gut health issues. As such, it is a core tool in the treatment for and elimination of chronic diseases. It is a whole-life makeover that establishes good bacteria in the intestinal lining which, in turn, benefits the immune system, hormonal balance, inflammatory reactions, and mood disorders.

Based on patient specific labs, priorities, symptoms, and food sensitivities, the plan includes diet and lifestyle changes that will benefit the whole family. 

Dr. Nelli Gluzman is the only pediatrician in NYC licensed as a practitioner of the GAPS Diet.  

How the GAPS Diet Program Works:

Initial Visit

Your initial visit, the Foundation Consultation, covers your child’s medical history in detail. Included are the symptoms history, what you perceive led up to the problem/concern, family background and health, environmental triggers, and more. This is in addition to your child’s first Blossom Pediatrics visit. Results from your child’s tests, visits, Nutri-Q symptom burden questionnaire, disclaimer, and food journal are analyzed and discussed in depth.

We’ll discuss some basic supplemental supports, the first round of dietary changes, and additional lab testing. After each session you will get an organized and detailed follow-up of your next steps and resources.

Now that we have gained a thorough understanding of what is going on and how to best address the issues, we put it all into action. As a parent, you will gain understanding and receive step-by-step instructions and solutions as to how to implement the GAPS program into your life. GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Nutritional Program involves three parts of a healing plan: diet, supplements, and detoxification/lifestyle changes.  

Resources and written material are provided. We begin your child’s journey to health hand-in-hand … and that continues as long as you and your child are a patient.

The initial consult takes 90 minutes or so; if we run over, that’s fine. The session takes place at Blossom Pediatrics in NYC or via our secure online portal.

What Happens Next?

Very generally:

  • We continue to meet more-or-less monthly for the next five (5) months. These meetings are either in the Manhattan office or via Blossom Pediatrics’ secure online portal. 
  • If further labs tests are needed, they are scheduled.Your child’s diet, supplements and detoxification plan is enacted.
  • Individual diets are child and symptom(s) specific based on labs, individual priorities, symptoms, and food sensitivities.

An overview of sessions 2 through 6

Our 2nd session is usually after lab test results have come in and focuses on your child’s personal GAPS program. We review the key points of each lab test, and how they are supported by the protocol. The plan will include diet, environmental adjustments, and any supplements to add to the routine, as well as resources to refer to again and again.

Our 3rd session is usually two to three weeks after session 2, to see how things are going. As a mom and pediatrician, I understand firsthand how challenging it can be to adjust diet and lifestyle in a family. The goal of nutritional therapy is to find a routine that works for you! We’ll troubleshoot any issues you’re having and make modifications as necessary.

The 4th through 6th sessions weave in more check-ins, retesting, and reviews, Phase II considerations, and education that will help your family have good health for the long term. At this point, you will likely have seen some major improvements in your child’s symptoms. We’ll go over any additional issues, adjust your child’s program as necessary, and design a strategy for the future.

Communications and materials for twelve (12) months which is the length of time generally needed to make lasting progress and complete the phases of a restorative program.

  • Email communication from me in between sessions, unlimited email support.
  • Printed material – printable handouts, and resources as needed, cooking techniques, time tested and easy recipes.
  • Communication through our custom portal to keep all your child’s resources and our conversations in one organized easily accessible place.
  • Encouragement – we can all use a little sometimes, especially during a healing protocol.

Please note that no patient or family is ever left to flounder after the initial three (3) months intensive adaptation period. Dr. Gluzman is available, via email, for a full year after your last session. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

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