Close-up of female holistic pediatrician sitting at the table and writing a prescription with mother with child sitting in the background

5 Reasons You Should Visit a Holistic Pediatrician

The correct healthcare provider must be chosen when it comes to your child’s health. Even though traditional pediatricians offer beneficial medical care, more and more parents are seeking out holistic physicians to take care of their children’s health requirements. To...

GAPS Diet and Ferments to Start Healing the Microbiome

A diverse and flourishing population of beneficial microbes in our guts and the entire body is the foundation of health. Most chronic childhood illnesses are caused by a disturbance in the health of the gut. If your child has been on even a single course of antibiotics, born via c-section, or has a history of chronic constipation, a good place to start healing is to reinoculate the gut's microbiome with beneficial microbes through fermented foods. This is the cornerstone of the GAPS Diet.

Superpower Your Kids’ Immunity Blog Series- PART I

Superpower Your Kids’ Immunity Blog Series- PART I
Are you sick of non-stop coughs, emergency doctors’ visits, antibiotics, pharmacy medications, emergency rooms, urgent care, early school pickups, calls from school nurses, missed days off from school, tissues everywhere, missed weekend getaways and birthday parties, and cancelled vacation plans? Over the next few weeks, you will learn about my most evidence-based, natural, safe, wise, and effective tools to superpower your kids’ immunity. Let’s start with this common question — what is the immune system? The immune system is the body's defense against infections.

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