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This is one of the biggest questions I get. I do take unvaccinated children because I feel that everyone has the right to choose what’s best for their child and not every child is the same. I treat all patients and believe in the family’s right to choose. If they want to vaccinate their child, I work with the family to create a customized vaccinations protocol based on each child and their specific risk factors. Assessing a child’s risk is performed by using specialized testing to see how quickly they detoxify. I often work with families after their vaccination to detoxify the child which limits the long-term effects. I do not vaccinate in office.

Holistic medicine includes many different modalities- functional medicine, integrative medicine, whole food nutrition, herbalism, botanicals and traditional wisdom. All of these areas give the body what it needs to repair itself. These are the long-term solutions to prevent disease and allow the body to heal itself from the inside out. There are solutions that cover up symptoms but there are no other solutions that provide lifelong cures like holistic medicine.

The average visit with a primary care pediatrician in America is only 8 minutes. Our initial consultation is 90 minutes, followed by 60-minute follow-ups. The reason more time is needed in holistic pediatrics is because every single child is different and, as a result, their treatment must be customized to their personal needs. Giving specialized attention and time to each family is of utmost importance at Blossom Pediatrics, where I recognize that this is an imperative part of the healing process.

Functional medicine includes a variety of high tech testing options, which require a high level of specialized training and time to utilize these tests. These tests allow us to take a deep look into the root of the problem. I then utilize remedies from Mother Earth to formulate customized treatment plans to most effectively and permanently heal your child’s body.

Chronic childhood illness can be significantly reversed if not completely eliminated.

These treatment options are accessible to everyone with the right knowledge and desire to make a change in their health.

Whole and natural foods provide the body with all the building blocks it needs to fight and eliminate disease.

As a pediatrician, I only use evidence-based practices that are completely safe treatment options for children. While adults have a different ‘safety profile’ for treatments, children also have a safety profile that is specific to age. I follow these guidelines incredibly diligently and have been practicing the implementation of this for 15 years so you know your child is always receiving safe, expert care.

While I do use conventional medications as temporary or life sustaining solutions, it is not a sustainable long-term solution. They do not fix the initial root cause of the problem, and when used long term medications will likely cause more damage than good.

The goal is to safely wean your child off all medications. I work collaboratively with your child’s specialists to fully transition them to living medication and symptom free.

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