Superpower Your Kids’ Immunity Blog Series- PART I

Superpower Your Kids’ Immunity Blog Series- PART I

By Dr. Nelli Gluzman

Are you sick of non-stop coughs, emergency doctors’ visits, antibiotics, pharmacy medications, emergency rooms, urgent care, early school pickups, calls from school nurses, missed days off from school, tissues everywhere, missed weekend getaways and birthday parties, and cancelled vacation plans?

I was sick of being sick, and I was sick of my kid being sick. I could not believe that as a mom and pediatrician, I was not equipped with the know-how to prevent all this. Yes, I could treat anything quite well. But what about prevention?

Four years ago, I embarked on a journey of learning prevention and what it really means for a child to be healthy and thrive. As a result, today I consider myself a holistic pediatrician (this, by the way, is surprisingly rare).
So, if you want to superpower your kids (and your whole family) before winter hits — read on.

Over the next few weeks, you will learn about my most evidence-based, natural, safe, wise, and effective tools to superpower your kids’ immunity.

Let’s start with this common question — what is the immune system? The immune system is the body’s defense against infections.

How does it work? When the body senses foreign substances (called antigens), the immune system works to recognize the antigens and get rid of them.

So, what does it mean to superpower an immune system?
To superpower the immune system is to fuel it to work the way it needs to in order to defend your child — not too much, not too little, and directed at the right problems.

Be Well!

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