GAPS / Blossoming Child Follow Up Visits

When we speak about the GAPS(Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Nutritional Program, we are discussing three parts of a healing plan: diet, supplements, and detoxification/lifestyle changes.

The diet plays the biggest part of the program. Going from a diet of fast food and convenience packaged products to GAPS can be overwhelming to say the least. This is where a GAPS practitioner can step in.

After the initial GAPS and the Blossoming Child Initial Visit, we will continue to work together through 5 follow up sessions:

• 5 follow up sessions (45 minutes in length each) via our secure online portal, this is your choice – 1 per month
• Recommended lab tests – This will allow for custom and comprehensive information & hone our work together
• Diet, Supplement & Detoxification Plan that is GAPS™ oriented and based on labs, individual priorities, symptoms, & food sensitivities
• Email communication from me in between sessions, unlimited email support
• Printed material – Printable handouts, and resources as needed, cooking techniques and time tested and easy recipes
• Communication through our custom portal to keep all your child’s resources and our conversations in one organized and easily accessible place
• Encouragement – we can all use a little sometimes, especially during a healing protocol

GAPS / Follow Up Visits

3hr 45min