Foundation Consultation

This is your initial 60-90 minute Foundation Consultation. During this time you and Dr. Gluzman will jointly create a practical and livable model for your child’s improved and sustained health.  This model is determined by the child’s medical history and the human stories behind his or her symptoms as well as any insights and observations that you and other adults in the child’s life have. Your child’s intangible qualities – strengths; weaknesses; interests, and concerns – combined with the more data driven medical records become part of the vital information needed for a comprehensive assessment. 

Other areas covered include your child’s nutrition, sleep, and stress; mental health observations; exercise and movement; labs and diagnostic testing; prescription drugs, herbs, botanicals, supplements, and vitamins. 

The assessment is designed to be our blueprint to improving your child’s immune system and reducing overall inflammation. By doing this, we are allowing your child’s body to heal itself from the inside out. By incorporating the most comprehensive modern medicine and holistic wisdom to accurately identify opportunities we improve or eliminate your child’s chronic health issues.

Because we work in tandem with your pediatrician and any specialists involved with your child’s medical treatment, you are assured that everyone is on the same current page when it comes to his/her health and integration of treatments.

Discovery Call

60 min