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Does detoxing or food choice help eczema?

What causes Eczema? Eczema is a skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Chemical sensitivity, vitamin deficiency, allergies, poor digestive health, and an overloaded liver are all possible eczema triggers. Children with eczema may have an adverse reaction to...

Can children outgrow their chronic illness symptoms_

Can children outgrow their chronic illness symptoms?

If your child takes several medications regularly, they may be suffering from a chronic illness. According to a report published in Academic Pediatrics, at least one chronic health disorder affects 43 percent (32 million) of American children. According to the...

GAPS Diet and Ferments to Start Healing the Microbiome

A diverse and flourishing population of beneficial microbes in our guts and the entire body is the foundation of health. Most chronic childhood illnesses are caused by a disturbance in the health of the gut. If your child has been on even a single course of antibiotics, born via c-section, or has a history of chronic constipation, a good place to start healing is to reinoculate the gut's microbiome with beneficial microbes through fermented foods. This is the cornerstone of the GAPS Diet.