“All disease begins in the gut.” ⁣- Hippocrates

When a child’s gut is healthy, it leads to a healthy, energetic, robust, joyful, clear-skinned, and happy lifestyle because the child feels good. Proper and balanced nutrition is the most effective and sustainable way to get there. ⁣
⁣Sound basic? Sure it does…but achieving it can be a long term process. This is due, at least in part, to genetic and environmental influences coupled with the physiological make-up of individuals. ⁣

Hippocrates famously penned the guiding light and oath for all in medicine – the Hippocratic Oath. He also wrote: “All disease begins in the gut.” ⁣
⁣Many illnesses stem from the gut; even when there are no digestive symptoms. This is due to a misaligned and/or misbalanced microbiome system – aka the medical term for ‘gut health’. ⁣
⁣A body that is not in balance beginning with its most basic functions undergoes an internal war to utilize its natural defensive weapons such as a healthy immune system. A healthy fully functioning immune system is the first step in restoring health…and the first step in restoring a healthy active immune system is gut health.⁣

⁣⁣The GAPS™(Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet provides a solution to the complex problem of rebalancing the blood chemistry and gut flora as the foundation for correcting gut health issues. As such, it is a core tool in the treatment for and elimination of chronic diseases. It is a whole-life makeover that establishes good bacteria in the intestinal lining which, in turn, benefits the immune system, hormonal balance, inflammatory reactions, and mood disorders.⁣
⁣Based on patient-specific labs, priorities, symptoms, and food sensitivities, the plan includes diet and lifestyle changes that will benefit the whole family. ⁣
⁣It was very important to me to learn from Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (who coined the term GAPS™ and created practitioner training), in order to bring this knowledge to New York City and spread this knowledge to the world. In all my training, I never found a more natural, holistic, and potent method to reverse chronic childhood illnesses whose root cause stems from gut health. I recommend the book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” to all the medical students and resident that I teach also adults and parents of kids with chronic illnesses whose disease stem from gut health.

With Love,
Dr. Gluzman

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